We Are Being Called.

IMG_4327Hello Beloved Friend,

How is your Spirit?

My heart is  reaching out to you at this time, during a radical movement for social justice, in an attempt to share with my community my intention to uplift, protect, and amplify the voices of Black and Indigenous People of Color, speak out against racism and inequality, as well as inspire and motivate others towards intuitively, aligned-right action.   IMG_3557

In the midst of a global pandemic, we’re faced with a paradigm shift from fear to love. We’re called to re-examine our motives, our identity, and our behavior, and everything unaligned with our highest truth, compassion, empathy and intentions must go. We’re literally being called to go within. Within our homes, and within our hearts. 

We’re being called to look within.


After the tragic murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Abrey, Breonna Taylor, Elijah McClain, and too many more to count who have suffered and paid with their lives at the hands of injustice, an awakening has finally occurred.

When I first started therapy in my early 20’s, I was struggling with repeating old patterns that no longer served me. I recall sitting across from my therapist and defensively repeating, “I feel really, really bad.” She then shook me awake with the most empowering response that would change the course of my life, “I don’t want you to feel bad. I want you to change.” After that, I could sit with my uncomfortable shame, take responsibility and change for the better through a compassionate, nonjudgmental self inventory. I can do better. We can do better.

As I examine my truth, and background and all of my uncomfortable feelings, from being born into a white privileged ancestral line, racist society, and educated in U.S. school systems, I’m seeing how as a white woman, I am being called to understand and use my privilege for the highest good of all, and it’s not enough to be passive. It is a lot to digest with my intellectual mind, and what my intuition is showing me is, this is a heart issue. My mind doesn’t know. My heart does. It always does. As does yours. I trust the movement. It’s not an issue of opinion or politics either. This is an issue of humanity.


We’re being called to step up, and speak out courageously in the face of brutality, and old patriarchal systems that are toxic and destructive to humanity. As white people we’re first being called to listen, and raise awareness and share the voices of the BIPOC community. Our Black friends know this, as they’ve endured racism their entire lives and their ancestors have for hundreds of years. 

We have to take gentle loving care of our precious selves, our mental health, and add sacred activism to our practices as awakened and aligned individuals if we haven’t already.

We’re being called to listen. To listen deeply and intently to the BIPOC community, and share and amplify their voices.

We’re being called to check on our Black friends, and ask and listen to what they really need and then show up for them.

We’re being called to use our platforms. Our circles, however big or small.

We’re being called to educate ourselves, and take right action.

We’re being called to check ourselves, and be OK with being wrong and OK with being corrected, and being disliked. This is a life’s work, not perfection.

We’re being called to rest, (not to stop) to ground, to center and go within for answers and take action from that space, the space of love not fear.

We’re being called to have uncomfortable conversations within our families, friend circles, and at work about racism, injustice and inequality.

Some are being called to protest, some are inspired to actively engage in protests, others are signing petitions, voting, and getting involved in organizations and donating.

We’re being called to give our Black and Indigenous People of Color in our community rest and refuge in whatever way we can. By spending time deep listening, what I’ve heard from my black friends and others I’ve been inspired by, over and over is “I am tired.” I also heard, “I want to live.” By live, that means thrive. That means uninhibited Black joy. That means live with the same desires fulfilled that I want for myself. That means to be granted compassion and fairness.

We’re being called to support Black businesses, musicians, artists, restaurants, jewelry, clothing, and on and on, recognizing and following social media accounts and by sharing their messages and buying, donating to, or supporting their services. IMG_3140

We are being called Loves.

There’s a good chance, if you’re reading this you are a self aware individual, and are inspired by your intuition and heart already. With that, I’d like to offer you some refuge as well as inspiration to take action.

With so much information overload and opinions, I have dropped into my heart, and followed what resonates from that space. Here are some resources that have helped me, along with voices I am guided to share with you at this time:

Resources to educate yourself and get involved:

1. https://www.tolerance.org is an incredible resource. Each week I’ve dedicated time set aside when I’m grounded, and in a good mental space to sit down and read articles from this site. 

2. https://change.org is amazing and offers ways to get involved such as petitions and the latest news and updates on fighting for equality and justice. 

3. https://jeffcolibrary.org Check your local library! I’m not sure if your library is as cool as mine here in Jefferson County Colorado, but I love my library. They recently released an email supporting our community titled A Conversation About Race. I was blown away with all of the recommended resources they provided. There is so much to check out online, from audio-books, documentaries, and staff picks suggesting educational and informative material in support of our Black community as well as LGBTQ+ history, staff reads, rainbow craft activities, and information and resources for mental health!

Resources for your Mind, Body, Spirit:

After a lot of listening, I was guided to these beautiful people and am now inspired to share them with you. 

Susan with Blended Insight creates the most beautiful energy healing videos on youtube! Even as a reiki practitioner myself, I’ve benefited from these almost daily to keep my own energy balanced and in check.


Blessing Manifesting is an incredible and inspiringly, creative resource for mental health.



Chantel Lysette is an angel channel, author and psychic medium. I found her years ago after reading Azrael Loves Chocolate, Michaels a Jock: An Insider’s Guide to What Your Angels Are Really Like. Recently upon waking up I clairaudiently heard her name followed by “Azrael Loves Chocolate” and realized I have to find her again on social media! Of course that led to a follow on Instagram, and reading up on her latest work on her website:


India Arie has always been one of my favorite musicians, and most recently I’m loving her podcast SongVersations as well as her well timed short film “Welcome Home (Crazy/Sacred Space) Which blew me out of the water with how unbelievably moving and beautiful it is to watch and hear. 


Iylana Vanzant is one wise, eloquent and divinely gifted lady, #1 New York Times Best Selling Author, and Spiritual Life Coach. I’ve learned so much from listening to her over the years and reading her book. She recently spoke on the Hay House Podcast, which I adore! After listening, I found out she also has a line of products called Master Piece Body Therapy that not only cleans your body but your energy!!! I immediately bought the body wash, body scrub, room spray, and body butter. It is an amazing line and I will be buying my bath and shower products from her from here on out! 


Rha Goddess another inspiringly wise spiritual guide has recently released her new 

book, The Calling, which is on it’s way to my hands right now! I will keep you posted, but something tells me I’m going to love it!



I am continuing to offer psychic and mediumship readings virtually at this time. Please feel free to check out my services under the Services tab, or to schedule a session with me. IMG_3082

As always, I love hearing from you, and would love to know how you’re being called at this time, and what your heart and spirit are saying and needing most. I am here as support, and as a guide for your mind body spirit resources, at spotonspirit. 

With Love,





A Morning Routine You Will Actually Enjoy

Latest video blog: Morning Routine, by Tiffany with SpotOnSpirit

I have learned over the years that the nicest thing I can do is to just say to myself, “Good Morning Darling, I love you; we’re going to have a really great day today.” – Louise Hay

The way we start our day is often the way our day flows.

That’s why I am inspired and intuitively led to share them with you in my morning routine video blog. If I can come around to the idea of liking…even so far as loving my morning, I want to pass that on. I am gentle with myself and am recovering my sense of appreciation for mornings because, it is my life, and my morning, and I can choose love over fear every second of every day.

Brightest Blessings of beautiful mornings to come!

Love, Tiffany

Resources for a peaceful, easy, and joyful  morning routine: (totally uninhibitedly not-sponsored!)

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Brad Yates: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbUho…

Nick Ortner: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-4c-…

Jessica Ortner: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7X4FI…

“RPM” means rise, pee, meditate and is coined by David Ji, check his meditations out at https://davidji.com

Gabby Bernstein, one of my all time favs I have to credit for so much of my spiritual practice, and routines…her affirmations I posted to my mirror are from her latest book Super Attractor. I also use her spirit junkie alarm clock app you can find in the App Store and many of her meditations. https://gabbybernstein.com

(if you go to http://www.spotonspirit.com and sign up for my newsletter I will send you a free guided meditation by yours truly!~ me Tiffany

Where would I be without my 5 Minute Journal? Honestly it’s helped me so much to have a consistent gratitude practice. You can find the App, or order it in book form on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/0991846206?…

The four list to do list method is a way to keep from overwhelm and stick to balance. By checking one achievable task off at a time, and not going to the next until you’ve completed the task prior, you can stay focused and in the long run, get more done! If you don’t get to all four, lovingly acknowledge what you did accomplish and add it to the next day! This idea was adapted by Dr. Mike Dow’s method. https://drmikedow.com/books/

Another tip to weed out a fearful anxiety ridden to do list is to meditate BEFORE your to do list. I also like to balance my list with 1 thing I will do that will be just for me, like something fun or joyful, or restful to stay in balance.

Enjoy beautiful friends! Grateful for you every day.


A Soul-Nourishing Evening Awaits…

Imagine this. It’s the evening at the end of a long Indian Summer. You are taking a break because you’ve worked at chores all day, and it’s beginning to cool down at last. The house is clean enough to negotiate resting your bones, and you can curl up with a good book. You sigh with relief as you watch the remaining beams of sunlight through an early dusk setting dance on the ceiling and walls of your bedroom. You catch a drift of fresh linen sheets underneath you. You begin to read a few pages, but then your eyes fall heavy. You drift off with the words of your favorite story in your mind as you are in between awake and asleep to the sound and smell of the Summer rain beginning to tap on your window. You begin hearing someone in the kitchen getting dinner started. The familiar noises of pots and pans, lids and chopping give you a sense of comfort and well being. You think to get up and offer help, but the lethargy taking over is too strong. Soon, the smell of the grill and what’s cooking wafts in, but you are far too comfortable now.  As you give in saying to yourself, “One less thing I have to worry about.” Finally, for the first time today, you allow yourself to rest. For just a few minutes you bargain with yourself, there’s nothing to do, just be.

I met Sonia Choquette once at a Hay House I can Do it Event in Denver. I had read all of her books, had a lot of her oracle decks, and at the time was completely immersed in self growth, spirituality, meditation, therapy, psychic studies, and working on being the best version of myself. I eagerly waited in line with my beautiful new friend Heather I met at the event and buddied up with. (Still beautiful inside and out, and still my friend to this day!). We were giggling with excitement after seeing Sonia on stage. Earlier we met, and buddied up. We were fast friends and rearranged our scheduled workshops to be in the same events together. I stepped forward to the table where Sonia was taking autographs handing her an oracle card from one of her decks to sign. She held it up and said, “Ah. Yes.” I leaned in closer doing the opposite of what the card said, which she read a loud “breathe.” Then she signed it. I was happy with that. She continued to speak, looking at me with her radiant glowing skin and beaming smile. “You don’t need to DO anything more to be your spirit. You just need to BE more of your spirit.” I basically bowed in utter reverence as I just got a mini reading from Sonia that would inevitably change my entire life for free. Wow. Her words bounced around in my mind for the entire evening. Trying hard to make sense of them. I went on with life, and the weeks that followed I continued on my self-growth, while managing a full time job, psychic studies classes, mediumship classes, therapy, and cleaning my house to perfection while trying to be the light to everyone and manage to meditate two times daily for twenty minutes and squeeze in exercise and time for a boyfriend, family, and friends.

I was exhausted, irritable, resentful and extremely out of balance. No matter how much I seemed to DO, the inner critic in my mind would say “do more, Lazy.” The people surrounding my life outwardly would mirror my inner state from relationships to work. I’m happy to say I now have a very supportive boyfriend who encourages me out of my mania and into taking breaks, nicer friends who ask me what I want to do, and a different job with 1 boss that lets me be an adult.

Back then though, I would sit down to meditate and fall asleep. I’d beat myself up for falling asleep. One night after a normally long busy day, I dozed off into sleep during meditation. My angels were in my dream and showing me a chalkboard sign on a door. It read what Sonia Choquette had told me months prior at the event. I had long forgotten until the dream, “You don’t need to DO any more to be your spirit, you just need to BE more of your spirit.” An aha went off as I rose the next day! I knew what my angels were saying and what she meant. My ego had dressed up as my intuition and trapped me in a hamster wheel of perfecting self growth! To quote another Hay House Author, “no one likes a spiritual snob.” and a line my mom used to say, Honey, it’s ok you’re human!

A line from the introduction to a course in miracles says:

“The course does not aim at teaching the meaning of love, for that is beyond what can be taught. It does aim, however, at removing the blocks to the awareness of love’s presence, which is your natural inheritance.”

Love is already there. You are already where you are meant to be, and you are perfect as you are. It is through self acceptance, and self love that we can begin to remove the blocks and limiting beliefs that keep us in the same unhealthy patterns preventing us from growing to be our full potential. Once I began being nicer to myself, and I stopped “shoulding all over myself” I began living a more intuitively aligned life that would lead me to right action. That was when I truly began seeing results.

This leads me to the topic of my latest video blog on my ideal evening routine. Remember the beginning of this article where I talked of painting the perfect Summer evening? Seams like a fantasy right? Well, it’s not and it’s precisely why evening is my favorite time of day. I remember this moment in my life so clearly, that I work each day to return to that feeling I had when I was living in Alabama at 19 years old reading Nora Roberts Irish Trilogy at the end of Summer before adult life took over. For so long it was the last time I felt I was truly BEING.

My angels intuitively led me to write about my evening routine, which I found intriguing because I hadn’t perfected it just yet. Then I remembered, those words from Sonia Choquette. To be more of my spirit. At the end of the day, I want to encourage you to give all the DO-ing a rest. Hang it all up on the shelf, and act in faith knowing you’ve done enough. Turn it all over, offer it on up to the powers that be, and only DO 3 things in your evening routine, one for your mind, one for your body, and one for your spirit. Especially if you have to look after everyone else and are only DO-ing for them. Three things, ready list em out: one for your mind, one for your body, and one for your spirit. After you’ve done these 3 things, rest assured, you have done the footwork and the Universe will do the rest. I know this is difficult to give up perfection and control. You may be enthusiastic, hopped up on caffeine, strong willed or think it won’t get done if you don’t do everything for everyone. Or maybe you feel like you’ve done nothing today. Believe me, I understand. As an Enneagram type 9 peacemaker, to quote Robert Holden from the same I Can Do It event as mentioned earlier…9’s are thinking, “Who will I piss off if I am being myself?” There’s so much pressure to be, to perform, duties, and deadlines to uphold and to let it go feels careless. It’s actually what you NEED to do to show up fully for the world and for those you love, and necessary for your health to fill your cup first. You have to summon the courage to let yourself off the hook, say goodbye to perfection, and do 3 things for yourself. I recommend this method: list your three things and let your spirit be your guide. First ask, what is it my mind needs, then list it…follow with what does my spirit need? and What does my body need? Then, don’t do anything until you do the first thing you listed. Once completed, don’t start the second thing. Once you’ve completed 1 and 2, complete number 3 on your list. Once you’ve done 1 thing for your mind, 1 thing for your body, and 1 thing for your spirit, you will be in a much more grounded centered state to flow and co-create a lasting productive and healthy lifestyle with spirit and enter the a state of flow. The state of being.

“YOUR A HUMAN BEING NOT A HUMAN DOING” Soul friend. I love you. Just the way

you are.



How to Host the Archangels In Your Home; By Tiffany @spotonspirit

Hey Angel!

First off, I’d like to say, I cordially invite you to host the angels in your home. There! I said it, so tag you are it! If you’re more of a movie watcher than a reader, view my latest Vlog “How to Host the Archangels In Your Home.” If you dig my woo woo content see my blog on my experience hosting the angels below!

Alright! You in? So you’re ready to host the angels, but who are they? Here’s the the list of your new house guests for 5 days:

  • Archangel Michael
  • Archangel Uriel
  • Archangel Raphael
  • Archangel Metatron
  • Archangel Gabriel

How to Host the Angels:

  • Clean your home.

No need to be fanatical here. As perfectionistic as we can be sometimes, putting off the cleaning just delays our actually hosting and inviting the angels in. Know that they want to help you and assist in the minutia of your everyday life. Just get busy like you would if a house guest were to come over and do a quick once over in each room.

  • Smudge your home.

Angels are vibrating at a level that is very high. Low vibes hang out and stick in energetic ways that are unseen. Smudging is an age old tactic that seriously works to space clear that funky energy and make way for higher vibes to come in.  It’s an intuitive process, but I highly recommend doing it. Make sure all smoke detectors are off, doors and windows are open, and you have a fireproof dish of glass or metal to catch any particles that may fall that are still lit from the sage, palo santo, incense or whatever else you use to smudge with! There is so much out there on how to smudge/cleanse your home spiritually. One of my all time favorite people to refer to is Denise Lynn. You can find her at: http://www.deniselinn.com/.

  • Designate your Archangel Alter.

An alter is a sacred space to honor and connect with the divine. In this case, the alter will be in honor of the Archangels you are welcoming into your home for the next 5 days. You can use a table, a mantel, or a shelf. It can be as fancy or minimalistic as you want. Remember it’s your alter, so you decide.


  • Things you will need on your Alter:
  1.  A letter/note and envelope addressed to Archangel Michael, Metatron, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel saying three wishes/prayers/intentions for your family, the world and yourself.
  2. An apple. You will eat this after the 5 days you host the angels and consume good vibes and angel nutrients.
  3. A white candle. You can light it to welcome the angels when they arrive, and each morning or evening you are connecting with the angels at the alter. I chose to blow mine out unless I was at my altar for safety. At the end of the 5 days you may wish to burn your letter after reading it aloud. I have done both. I’ve torn it up and I’ve also burned it and poured the remains down the kitchen sink. It’s your thang.
  4. White flowers. This is an offering of purity, and beauty to welcome the angels, and you will be placing these flowers on the earth when you are finished as an offering to the beloved planet and the divine.
  5. Anything else you would like to add that will help you connect with the angelic realm. I included some roll on lavender oil, angel cards I pulled for each day, crystals, an angel statue, an angel wing, rose body oil, and a small notebook.


  • The Invocation:

On the first night at ten o’clock (or whatever time you choose), after you’ve set up your alter, and lit the candle,  open your front door. Say or think aloud an inviting chant to call the angels in. It can be as complex or as simple as you like. It could be something like this: “Archangels Michael, Metatron, Raphael, Uriel, and Gabriel, I welcome you into my home at this time and am honored to host you for the next 5 days.”

Angels work in subtle but profound ways. Don’t be surprised if suddenly your making healthy decisions that lead to long standing healthier habits. Remember the angels are not going to push themselves in, you have to ask because we have free will, but they are always eager to help.


My Experiences Hosting ArchAngels: 

I’ve hosted the angels twice now.

The first time I hosted angels was by receiving an email chain from a woman who was in my psychic studies classes. I was enthusiastic about it, but not really subscribing the the logistics of the email chain thing. Despite my resistance, I gave it a shot.

Calling on Archangel Jophiel:

Jophiel, one of my all time, if not my favorite angel is known for Feng Shui, interior design, gardening and creativity. She helps uplift and beautify our thoughts, and our environment. Her guidance is so subtle, you may feel as if it’s just your thoughts, or a gentle breeze, but she is prompting you claircognizantly (clear-thinking/intuitive-thinking).

During the first time I hosted the angels, I felt guided to clear a lot of clutter, and clean my entire house before the ArchAngels Michael, Gabriel, Metatron, Uriel, and Raphael arrived. I called on ArchAngel Jophiel for help before the angels I was hosting even arrived.

I remember getting an idea to create an essential oil room spray. I was guided to use different essential oils, mainly flower essences of lilac, and opium. I sprayed it all around my apartment. I was gentle guided to replace nearly all of my harsher chemical household cleaners with essential oil or natural household cleaners. It was a smooth and gentle, natural transition, and a very intuitive process. I was also being guided to less harsh skincare and hair-care products and my hair was the longest and most beautiful it has ever been. Thank you Jophiel!

During that time period I was attracting a lot of guests into my home. Friends would say wow, it smells so good in here! They would also comment on how “good it felt.” One friend said, I feel like I could just curl up and take a nap it feels so good in here. Another said, “I can tell you cleanse the space in here, by the way it feels.” All of this was validation my mind needed to know the gentle nudges Jophiel gave me were in fact having a big effect. That’s how she works. Gentle, subtle, with lasting effects over time. So naturally, calling on her to prep my home for the arrival of the big guys was in order.


The second time I hosted the AA’s, I called on AA Jophiel again. This time we started with the bouquet of flowers. I was guided to use the roses that were on there way out and make an rose essence body oil. I picked out the remaining fresh flowers gave them water, and set them on the angel alter with my oil that I used every evening at my alter to rub my hands and feet after a long day. Jophiel also is very helpful with flowers and gardening, so this made perfect sense to me that out of all the areas to clean prior to the angels arrival it would be the flowers!

Calling on Archangel Gabriel:

Gabriel, is the archangel that appears to mothers and assists them through pregnancy and delivery, and the angel that appeared to Mother Mary to let her in on her immaculate conception of Jesus. Gabriel also assists creatives, artists and writers, and musicians and is a messenger of hope.

I subtly went through my days, trying to remember to sit for at least a minute before or after my work day or busy schedule and light the candle. each day, I was hopefully anticipating something miraculous would happen. One of my wishes, was to have children. To this day I do not have children..YET mind you, but I know I will in divine timing, and honestly I know this in my heart of hearts because I have had numerous signs and visions of my unborn children.

One ordinary day I was in my apartment with the windows open. I woke up to the sound of little children playing outside. I could hear them riding along the sidewalks on their scooters. I looked out and saw my new little neighbors and thought they were adorable. I enjoyed the life they were bringing to my otherwise stale suburban apartment complex. I peered out laughing watching these two little boys ride around. They were about 3 and 5 years old. At one point, I was sitting outside getting grounded which to my hustle bustle neighbors looked strange because hardly anyone actually sat in the grass!

I digress, the older little boy came up to me and said “Hi, I’m Gabriel.” Wow, I thought. I dismissed it a little as coincidence and continued enjoying watching the two of them play. I introduced myself to their mother who had just moved in and was enjoying watching as well.

Weeks following hosting the angels I was in a gallery reading of a fellow psychic and friend of mine. During the reading she picked up on me with a message from Gabriel. I told her I hosted the angels. She said he is saying he gave you a message. I told her of the little boy named Gabriel. She snapped her fingers and said “That’s it!” He’s telling you that you will have children. A light bulb went off inside me, as I had been concerned as my time was ticking! She went on to describe to me the children I too have seen in dreams and visions and that other psychics continue to pick up! This was validation to me to chill out and relax and know that in divine timing my children will come.

Gabriel’s energy reminds me of Christmas morning. I’ve spent an entire month with Gabriel and found myself reading and writing in the early mornings before work in coffee shops. Gabriel is the one that nudges me to write my blog. Gabriel also watches over children and assists with healing inner child issues. The second time around hosting the angels, the day I started writing this very blog post, I knew was the day Gabriel was with me. Think of a cold winter night, but inside all is calm, and a glow from a candle is creating warmth of home and hearth. That is the comforting presence of ArchAngel Gabriel.

Calling on Archangel Raphael:

ArchAngel Raphael is the healing angel. He assists doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals as well as healers. Many may not know this but he is also an angel to call on for relationship healing, and travel.

Raphael the first time around was really encouraging me with my reiki. I was reiki-ing everything, situation and person I came in contact with! I also recall I was juicing a lot. I went through some major life changes, and was going to therapy. Raphael was the healing angel that assisted me through those times.

The second time I hosted the angels, I felt nudged to create a really peaceful evening routine. I went through my deliciously relaxing evening and slept peacefully, which in turn led to a morning of quiet meditation, time for reading my book, making coffee and breakfast, with time left over to snuggle with John and my cat. John said, “Something’s different.” Did you call on some angel help because you are in a way better mood today and you made breakfast!

I also had my lunch packed and was dressed and out the door making it to work on time. This was definitely Raphael peacefully leading me through healthy sustainable lifestyle changes.

Archangel Metatron:

Metatron and I go way back. We have some really cool times together. I can almost feel his awesome presence gawk at my casual choice of lingo to describe him. I won’t go into all of our times together, but let’s just say he’s one I call on consistently. Metatron is known to be the tallest angel in heaven. He is really good to call on for help with record keeping, writing, contracts, budgets and the like. Some believe he was the prophet Enoch and is the record keeper of heaven.

The day I was budgeting and releasing financial worry I knew Metatron was with me. Not only does he seem to hold me accountable, no pun intended, but he also assists me in releasing self blame and self sabatosh. Everytime I work with him, I’m guided to do something such as review my finances for instance, he gently guides me to reward myself after the process, by reminding me of that gift certificate etc that was stashed in the clutter we just cleared together!


Calling on Archangel Uriel:

Uriel is associated with the bright divine white light of God. He is an idea guy. Uriel will plop enlightened ideas into your mind, encouraging you that you’re truly guided.

During my time with Uriel, I pulled a card and it read “Brilliant Idea!” It was the ArchAngel Uriel on the card. Uriel was encouraging me to keep going with a question I’d had about whether or not I made the right decision investing in business classes.

The neat thing about hosting the angels is, for five days they will assist in ways that will help for days and years to come.

Angels are always available to help. All you have to do is ask!

Love, light and angel blessings!



The Art Of Surrender – June 2019

Me getting caught in the rain on our trip to Hawaii June 2019:


Divon Photography; John Divon

To receive your free surrender meditation for June, please subscribe to my newsletter by messaging me at the bottom of the services page. Thank you! Cheers to a happy June my friend.

For the entire month of May, I battled with a company I righteously felt was misleading in their marketing that I subscribed to and quickly cancelled with when I realized money had already been charged. I went around and around with their call center, live chat, and emails. I was able to cancel, but never received the money that was charged to me that was promised to be refunded. I was so angry, and fixated on getting this back. A very human side of myself came out when I tipped towards the “I want this in writing, send me the invoice” paper trail. My voice inflection and tone turned mean, and under it was a bunch of fear. It was causing me so much suffering, that was, until I decided to Host The Angels in my home (stay tuned for Vlog on how to host angels in your home for 5 days).

On one of the 5 days I was working with ArchAngel Metatron for a day. During which Metatron, one of my favorite angels to intuitively work with said, “LET IT GO.” Which leads me to the topic for June, and the reason this month is being sent out late! My apologies, but in divine timing we are here now! The theme is the art of surrender. How to truly let go. Sometimes we are so fixated on finding the solution, that our energy pushes and controls and manipulates that we miss opportunities and creative possibilities that the universe is trying to show us.

I like to use the 24 hour rule. I learned this from Gabrielle Bernstein, I have to credit her for this because it completely saved me from ego sabotage many a times. When you’re struggling with a situation, turn it over and release it for 24 hours. Any longer, and our ego’s may not be able to handle it. Turn it over and release it a higher power.

Letting go, creates an energy of allowing for solutions to come forth, and a sense of peace that every little ting is gonna be aight. When I heard Metatron tell me to chill, and turn it over, I repeated a money mantra every time the fear crept up that I wouldn’t get my money back. Repeating my money mantras over and over in my mind while getting ready, and at work, a woman came up to me and asked to schedule a reiki session. That same day a woman who wanted a reading nearly 6 months ago got back to me apologizing for the delay and asked to set up a mediumship reading.

I laughed at how fast the universe was working on my behalf when I got out of the way. I created the guided meditation for surrender for you in mind. To access it, subscribe to my newsletter, and click the image of me surrendering in the rain! It will be your dose of daily meds when you need to let go. For any situation you feel you’ve exhausted your resources with, I encourage you to try out the 24 our rule and use this mediation. Your support system is available and trustworthy. Take it from someone who has had many a situation to turn over!

Blessings and pure light and joy all month long!

Spot On Spirit

A Story on Angels, By: Tiffany with SpotOnSpirit


If you’re more of a movie watcher, scroll to the bottom and watch my video. If you love to read, read on my friend. 

“We are all winging it. That’s what angels do.”

I’ve experienced a lot. Which leads me to what I’m going to own in this moment, and say with conviction. Angels do exist. First off, this is coming from the most skeptical psychic medium you will ever meet. I filter everything first through my own personal experience before signing up for any belief system, and even after I examine it from time to time because truth seeking is in my blood and how I’m wired. I want you to know, I am in no way evangelizing here or remotely religious either. I wouldn’t even call myself or buy into the label of “new age”. This is from my own test of faith.

In fact, at the time I was fully immersed in my psychic abilities, had read all of the books on angels, and listened to the angel expert speakers, done the meditations, and knew each archangel by name, and what their area of expertise was. In future posts I will delve into my experiences with individual angels, but for now I want to stick to this one experience, because it was when I was doubting their existence at all.

I thought, maybe it’s because of all the reading, and meditation, and listening to speakers on the topic of angels that has me believing in them.

A mentor of mine I respected immensely did not believe in their existence. She thought they were just high level guides appearing to people in the form of angels for comfort. Another mentor I also respected thought angels were the ones you call on for the big stuff, i.e. world tragedies or life or death situations, and your guides are who you call on for small things.  I was reading a lot about how angels could help you in different areas of life, and it is our free will that gets in the way of that – all we have to do is ask for their help, even on parking spaces!

I wanted them to be real. I wanted to call on them for the simple things, but I wasn’t sure if angels were just guides, or stories. So, I asked them for clarification. I said something along the lines of, “Angels of the highest vibration and the highest truth, I need you to show me a sign I cannot deny if you are different from my spirit guides, and exist, give me a sign today.” That same day, I went to work and on my lunch break felt super exhausted after eating in my car by a park to get away from the office for a bit and recharge #empathlife. The park was usually “peoply” too and my introverted nature, coupled with working in healthcare was a lot to handle, so I stayed locked up in the car. I felt a nudge to get out and take my shoes off and lay in the grass. I was resisting it, feeling the pressure to get back to work, but went with my intuition. I got out and laid under a beautiful tree on a grassy hill as the sun seeped down through the leaves. I closed my eyes and felt all the weight of my body releasing toxic energy into mother earth to be recycled. I could feel my body supported by the ground beneath me and feel it leaving. I could just lay there forever in that feeling of rest and respite.

I started to reason with myself that I couldn’t do this, I didn’t have time and needed to leave. I opened my eyes and realized I was covered in what looked like little white feathers. They were falling from the sky. I thought, ah this is just cotton or something from this tree, and shook it off of me. Dismissing it could be a sign. I told the angels in my mind, they’d need to do better than that. Just then, I had an insatiable craving for pretzel m&m’s. If I made it back to the hospital where I worked in time, I could go get some from the gift shop before clinic started back for the afternoon.

Standing in line, I impatiently stared at the cashier who usually spent a lot of time talking to each customer, while the customers did a lot of waiting. Frustrated at my time constraint I used my tools to shift my focus from fear to love. Thank you cashier for teaching me patience, I thought. Then I heard a lady at the counter in front of me say, “What’s inside these little boxes?” The cashier said, “It’s an angel wing. Aren’t those cute? We just got them in today.” When I got to the front of the line, I looked at the little tiny silver box and picked it up opening it up to see the white feather inside. “They’re guardian angel wings.” The cashier said. “I’ll get one of these too, thank you.” This was the validation I needed. Since, I’ve been guided with other angel experiences too.

If you’re like me, and you’ve experienced a lot of “new age” hype on angels, and are completely confused by the information you’re getting especially now that one of the world’s largest angel experts has denounced her association with tarot, and divination, and are wondering what’s what, this is the advice I’ll give you: look to your heart for the answers, communicate with your guides, angels and spirit team for clarity with conviction for a visceral experience. When you get the signs, trust your angels are communicating with you.


Signs From Departed Loved Ones

“You know that place between sleep and awake, that place where you still remember dreaming? That’s where I’ll always love you. That’s where I’ll be waiting.”

~Winnie The Pooh

My mother loved to garden. She had a strong spirit, and when the doctors said she wouldn’t make it through the night 4/29/13, she passed at 3:33 am on May 1st, my siblings and I were convinced was to prove them wrong, that she was always on God’s time.
May Day, a day of springtime celebration and flowers. That night we needed fresh air; I stepped outside the hospital and sat in a bed of tulips and cried while my brother took long drags from his cigarette. We were powerless as the reality of the outcome was setting in. My brother couldn’t save her. I couldn’t heal her. It really was in divine timing.
After she passed, we went to our hotel, me, my two older sisters and older brother. We were finally able to sleep. I tossed and turned and got up while my siblings were asleep around 6 am. I made my way to the continental breakfast making myself eat. As I sat down I saw a photograph above me of cherub angels, around a fountain and bright pink and red tulips. That’s so mom, I thought. I took my coffee back to the patio of our room and called my aunt to relay the sad news. As she spoke, I gazed at the empty flower bed in front of me where two isolated red tulips were peaking through the soil. I recognized the synchronistic connection but dismissed it in my grief. When my siblings woke up, we made our way back to my mother’s house where her long-term partner Gary was there to greet us with open arms. My brother and I had made it just before my sisters arrived and cried in his arms. In an attempt to cheer us up, he said, I have to show you something in your mother’s garden. He pointed out the kitchen window to her flower bed, see that flower over there? It just bloomed this morning. I walked with him outside and saw yet another isolated red tulip. My mother, a gardener had tulips and flowers of all types and colors. OK this is getting weird I thought as I told Gary and my siblings about the tulips I saw earlier that morning. When my brother and I got back to Denver we had to tell his two daughters, my nieces the news. This was heartbreaking to tell two little girls. In an attempt to cheer them up I told them the tulip story. Their eyes lit up through their tears saying “we planted that one with Grandma last Summer. The rest were pink.” My sister, who worked on a cruise ship sent a picture to us a few days later of an isolated red tulip she saw during her journey. When the time came, I went back to work right away. A coworker gave me a ride home one evening, and as I got out said, “I almost forgot! My pastor gave me this, but when he handed it to me I saw your face.” She handed me a red tulip garden votive. I couldn’t believe it. No one at work knew. A couple of years later I decided to plant some flowers in honor of her on May 1st. and went to a garden store. Before going in, I asked her to give me a sign. Inside, was an arrangement of pink tulips surrounded one red tulip. It happens so often now, I say hi mom. I love you.
This is how spirit speaks to us, and how our loved ones can and will make connection. The more you acknowledge these signs, the more your loved ones will know to communicate them to you. As my mother used to say, when love goes away, it always comes back to us in another form.
So for this month, I’d like to challenge you to ask your loved ones in spirit to give you signs, and when they appear, trust them, knowing the veil is thin and we’re really still part of the whole.
Today, I’m happy to say, I am able to celebrate this time of year in her honor and smile, knowing she’s with me.

Loads of love,