A Story on Angels, By: Tiffany with SpotOnSpirit


If you’re more of a movie watcher, scroll to the bottom and watch my video. If you love to read, read on my friend. 

“We are all winging it. That’s what angels do.”

I’ve experienced a lot. Which leads me to what I’m going to own in this moment, and say with conviction. Angels do exist. First off, this is coming from the most skeptical psychic medium you will ever meet. I filter everything first through my own personal experience before signing up for any belief system, and even after I examine it from time to time because truth seeking is in my blood and how I’m wired. I want you to know, I am in no way evangelizing here or remotely religious either. I wouldn’t even call myself or buy into the label of “new age”. This is from my own test of faith.

In fact, at the time I was fully immersed in my psychic abilities, had read all of the books on angels, and listened to the angel expert speakers, done the meditations, and knew each archangel by name, and what their area of expertise was. In future posts I will delve into my experiences with individual angels, but for now I want to stick to this one experience, because it was when I was doubting their existence at all.

I thought, maybe it’s because of all the reading, and meditation, and listening to speakers on the topic of angels that has me believing in them.

A mentor of mine I respected immensely did not believe in their existence. She thought they were just high level guides appearing to people in the form of angels for comfort. Another mentor I also respected thought angels were the ones you call on for the big stuff, i.e. world tragedies or life or death situations, and your guides are who you call on for small things.  I was reading a lot about how angels could help you in different areas of life, and it is our free will that gets in the way of that – all we have to do is ask for their help, even on parking spaces!

I wanted them to be real. I wanted to call on them for the simple things, but I wasn’t sure if angels were just guides, or stories. So, I asked them for clarification. I said something along the lines of, “Angels of the highest vibration and the highest truth, I need you to show me a sign I cannot deny if you are different from my spirit guides, and exist, give me a sign today.” That same day, I went to work and on my lunch break felt super exhausted after eating in my car by a park to get away from the office for a bit and recharge #empathlife. The park was usually “peoply” too and my introverted nature, coupled with working in healthcare was a lot to handle, so I stayed locked up in the car. I felt a nudge to get out and take my shoes off and lay in the grass. I was resisting it, feeling the pressure to get back to work, but went with my intuition. I got out and laid under a beautiful tree on a grassy hill as the sun seeped down through the leaves. I closed my eyes and felt all the weight of my body releasing toxic energy into mother earth to be recycled. I could feel my body supported by the ground beneath me and feel it leaving. I could just lay there forever in that feeling of rest and respite.

I started to reason with myself that I couldn’t do this, I didn’t have time and needed to leave. I opened my eyes and realized I was covered in what looked like little white feathers. They were falling from the sky. I thought, ah this is just cotton or something from this tree, and shook it off of me. Dismissing it could be a sign. I told the angels in my mind, they’d need to do better than that. Just then, I had an insatiable craving for pretzel m&m’s. If I made it back to the hospital where I worked in time, I could go get some from the gift shop before clinic started back for the afternoon.

Standing in line, I impatiently stared at the cashier who usually spent a lot of time talking to each customer, while the customers did a lot of waiting. Frustrated at my time constraint I used my tools to shift my focus from fear to love. Thank you cashier for teaching me patience, I thought. Then I heard a lady at the counter in front of me say, “What’s inside these little boxes?” The cashier said, “It’s an angel wing. Aren’t those cute? We just got them in today.” When I got to the front of the line, I looked at the little tiny silver box and picked it up opening it up to see the white feather inside. “They’re guardian angel wings.” The cashier said. “I’ll get one of these too, thank you.” This was the validation I needed. Since, I’ve been guided with other angel experiences too.

If you’re like me, and you’ve experienced a lot of “new age” hype on angels, and are completely confused by the information you’re getting especially now that one of the world’s largest angel experts has denounced her association with tarot, and divination, and are wondering what’s what, this is the advice I’ll give you: look to your heart for the answers, communicate with your guides, angels and spirit team for clarity with conviction for a visceral experience. When you get the signs, trust your angels are communicating with you.


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