The Art Of Surrender – June 2019

Me getting caught in the rain on our trip to Hawaii June 2019:


Divon Photography; John Divon

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For the entire month of May, I battled with a company I righteously felt was misleading in their marketing that I subscribed to and quickly cancelled with when I realized money had already been charged. I went around and around with their call center, live chat, and emails. I was able to cancel, but never received the money that was charged to me that was promised to be refunded. I was so angry, and fixated on getting this back. A very human side of myself came out when I tipped towards the “I want this in writing, send me the invoice” paper trail. My voice inflection and tone turned mean, and under it was a bunch of fear. It was causing me so much suffering, that was, until I decided to Host The Angels in my home (stay tuned for Vlog on how to host angels in your home for 5 days).

On one of the 5 days I was working with ArchAngel Metatron for a day. During which Metatron, one of my favorite angels to intuitively work with said, “LET IT GO.” Which leads me to the topic for June, and the reason this month is being sent out late! My apologies, but in divine timing we are here now! The theme is the art of surrender. How to truly let go. Sometimes we are so fixated on finding the solution, that our energy pushes and controls and manipulates that we miss opportunities and creative possibilities that the universe is trying to show us.

I like to use the 24 hour rule. I learned this from Gabrielle Bernstein, I have to credit her for this because it completely saved me from ego sabotage many a times. When you’re struggling with a situation, turn it over and release it for 24 hours. Any longer, and our ego’s may not be able to handle it. Turn it over and release it a higher power.

Letting go, creates an energy of allowing for solutions to come forth, and a sense of peace that every little ting is gonna be aight. When I heard Metatron tell me to chill, and turn it over, I repeated a money mantra every time the fear crept up that I wouldn’t get my money back. Repeating my money mantras over and over in my mind while getting ready, and at work, a woman came up to me and asked to schedule a reiki session. That same day a woman who wanted a reading nearly 6 months ago got back to me apologizing for the delay and asked to set up a mediumship reading.

I laughed at how fast the universe was working on my behalf when I got out of the way. I created the guided meditation for surrender for you in mind. To access it, subscribe to my newsletter, and click the image of me surrendering in the rain! It will be your dose of daily meds when you need to let go. For any situation you feel you’ve exhausted your resources with, I encourage you to try out the 24 our rule and use this mediation. Your support system is available and trustworthy. Take it from someone who has had many a situation to turn over!

Blessings and pure light and joy all month long!

Spot On Spirit

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