How to Host the Archangels In Your Home; By Tiffany @spotonspirit

Hey Angel!

First off, I’d like to say, I cordially invite you to host the angels in your home. There! I said it, so tag you are it! If you’re more of a movie watcher than a reader, view my latest Vlog “How to Host the Archangels In Your Home.” If you dig my woo woo content see my blog on my experience hosting the angels below!

Alright! You in? So you’re ready to host the angels, but who are they? Here’s the the list of your new house guests for 5 days:

  • Archangel Michael
  • Archangel Uriel
  • Archangel Raphael
  • Archangel Metatron
  • Archangel Gabriel

How to Host the Angels:

  • Clean your home.

No need to be fanatical here. As perfectionistic as we can be sometimes, putting off the cleaning just delays our actually hosting and inviting the angels in. Know that they want to help you and assist in the minutia of your everyday life. Just get busy like you would if a house guest were to come over and do a quick once over in each room.

  • Smudge your home.

Angels are vibrating at a level that is very high. Low vibes hang out and stick in energetic ways that are unseen. Smudging is an age old tactic that seriously works to space clear that funky energy and make way for higher vibes to come in.  It’s an intuitive process, but I highly recommend doing it. Make sure all smoke detectors are off, doors and windows are open, and you have a fireproof dish of glass or metal to catch any particles that may fall that are still lit from the sage, palo santo, incense or whatever else you use to smudge with! There is so much out there on how to smudge/cleanse your home spiritually. One of my all time favorite people to refer to is Denise Lynn. You can find her at:

  • Designate your Archangel Alter.

An alter is a sacred space to honor and connect with the divine. In this case, the alter will be in honor of the Archangels you are welcoming into your home for the next 5 days. You can use a table, a mantel, or a shelf. It can be as fancy or minimalistic as you want. Remember it’s your alter, so you decide.


  • Things you will need on your Alter:
  1.  A letter/note and envelope addressed to Archangel Michael, Metatron, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel saying three wishes/prayers/intentions for your family, the world and yourself.
  2. An apple. You will eat this after the 5 days you host the angels and consume good vibes and angel nutrients.
  3. A white candle. You can light it to welcome the angels when they arrive, and each morning or evening you are connecting with the angels at the alter. I chose to blow mine out unless I was at my altar for safety. At the end of the 5 days you may wish to burn your letter after reading it aloud. I have done both. I’ve torn it up and I’ve also burned it and poured the remains down the kitchen sink. It’s your thang.
  4. White flowers. This is an offering of purity, and beauty to welcome the angels, and you will be placing these flowers on the earth when you are finished as an offering to the beloved planet and the divine.
  5. Anything else you would like to add that will help you connect with the angelic realm. I included some roll on lavender oil, angel cards I pulled for each day, crystals, an angel statue, an angel wing, rose body oil, and a small notebook.


  • The Invocation:

On the first night at ten o’clock (or whatever time you choose), after you’ve set up your alter, and lit the candle,  open your front door. Say or think aloud an inviting chant to call the angels in. It can be as complex or as simple as you like. It could be something like this: “Archangels Michael, Metatron, Raphael, Uriel, and Gabriel, I welcome you into my home at this time and am honored to host you for the next 5 days.”

Angels work in subtle but profound ways. Don’t be surprised if suddenly your making healthy decisions that lead to long standing healthier habits. Remember the angels are not going to push themselves in, you have to ask because we have free will, but they are always eager to help.


My Experiences Hosting ArchAngels: 

I’ve hosted the angels twice now.

The first time I hosted angels was by receiving an email chain from a woman who was in my psychic studies classes. I was enthusiastic about it, but not really subscribing the the logistics of the email chain thing. Despite my resistance, I gave it a shot.

Calling on Archangel Jophiel:

Jophiel, one of my all time, if not my favorite angel is known for Feng Shui, interior design, gardening and creativity. She helps uplift and beautify our thoughts, and our environment. Her guidance is so subtle, you may feel as if it’s just your thoughts, or a gentle breeze, but she is prompting you claircognizantly (clear-thinking/intuitive-thinking).

During the first time I hosted the angels, I felt guided to clear a lot of clutter, and clean my entire house before the ArchAngels Michael, Gabriel, Metatron, Uriel, and Raphael arrived. I called on ArchAngel Jophiel for help before the angels I was hosting even arrived.

I remember getting an idea to create an essential oil room spray. I was guided to use different essential oils, mainly flower essences of lilac, and opium. I sprayed it all around my apartment. I was gentle guided to replace nearly all of my harsher chemical household cleaners with essential oil or natural household cleaners. It was a smooth and gentle, natural transition, and a very intuitive process. I was also being guided to less harsh skincare and hair-care products and my hair was the longest and most beautiful it has ever been. Thank you Jophiel!

During that time period I was attracting a lot of guests into my home. Friends would say wow, it smells so good in here! They would also comment on how “good it felt.” One friend said, I feel like I could just curl up and take a nap it feels so good in here. Another said, “I can tell you cleanse the space in here, by the way it feels.” All of this was validation my mind needed to know the gentle nudges Jophiel gave me were in fact having a big effect. That’s how she works. Gentle, subtle, with lasting effects over time. So naturally, calling on her to prep my home for the arrival of the big guys was in order.


The second time I hosted the AA’s, I called on AA Jophiel again. This time we started with the bouquet of flowers. I was guided to use the roses that were on there way out and make an rose essence body oil. I picked out the remaining fresh flowers gave them water, and set them on the angel alter with my oil that I used every evening at my alter to rub my hands and feet after a long day. Jophiel also is very helpful with flowers and gardening, so this made perfect sense to me that out of all the areas to clean prior to the angels arrival it would be the flowers!

Calling on Archangel Gabriel:

Gabriel, is the archangel that appears to mothers and assists them through pregnancy and delivery, and the angel that appeared to Mother Mary to let her in on her immaculate conception of Jesus. Gabriel also assists creatives, artists and writers, and musicians and is a messenger of hope.

I subtly went through my days, trying to remember to sit for at least a minute before or after my work day or busy schedule and light the candle. each day, I was hopefully anticipating something miraculous would happen. One of my wishes, was to have children. To this day I do not have children..YET mind you, but I know I will in divine timing, and honestly I know this in my heart of hearts because I have had numerous signs and visions of my unborn children.

One ordinary day I was in my apartment with the windows open. I woke up to the sound of little children playing outside. I could hear them riding along the sidewalks on their scooters. I looked out and saw my new little neighbors and thought they were adorable. I enjoyed the life they were bringing to my otherwise stale suburban apartment complex. I peered out laughing watching these two little boys ride around. They were about 3 and 5 years old. At one point, I was sitting outside getting grounded which to my hustle bustle neighbors looked strange because hardly anyone actually sat in the grass!

I digress, the older little boy came up to me and said “Hi, I’m Gabriel.” Wow, I thought. I dismissed it a little as coincidence and continued enjoying watching the two of them play. I introduced myself to their mother who had just moved in and was enjoying watching as well.

Weeks following hosting the angels I was in a gallery reading of a fellow psychic and friend of mine. During the reading she picked up on me with a message from Gabriel. I told her I hosted the angels. She said he is saying he gave you a message. I told her of the little boy named Gabriel. She snapped her fingers and said “That’s it!” He’s telling you that you will have children. A light bulb went off inside me, as I had been concerned as my time was ticking! She went on to describe to me the children I too have seen in dreams and visions and that other psychics continue to pick up! This was validation to me to chill out and relax and know that in divine timing my children will come.

Gabriel’s energy reminds me of Christmas morning. I’ve spent an entire month with Gabriel and found myself reading and writing in the early mornings before work in coffee shops. Gabriel is the one that nudges me to write my blog. Gabriel also watches over children and assists with healing inner child issues. The second time around hosting the angels, the day I started writing this very blog post, I knew was the day Gabriel was with me. Think of a cold winter night, but inside all is calm, and a glow from a candle is creating warmth of home and hearth. That is the comforting presence of ArchAngel Gabriel.

Calling on Archangel Raphael:

ArchAngel Raphael is the healing angel. He assists doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals as well as healers. Many may not know this but he is also an angel to call on for relationship healing, and travel.

Raphael the first time around was really encouraging me with my reiki. I was reiki-ing everything, situation and person I came in contact with! I also recall I was juicing a lot. I went through some major life changes, and was going to therapy. Raphael was the healing angel that assisted me through those times.

The second time I hosted the angels, I felt nudged to create a really peaceful evening routine. I went through my deliciously relaxing evening and slept peacefully, which in turn led to a morning of quiet meditation, time for reading my book, making coffee and breakfast, with time left over to snuggle with John and my cat. John said, “Something’s different.” Did you call on some angel help because you are in a way better mood today and you made breakfast!

I also had my lunch packed and was dressed and out the door making it to work on time. This was definitely Raphael peacefully leading me through healthy sustainable lifestyle changes.

Archangel Metatron:

Metatron and I go way back. We have some really cool times together. I can almost feel his awesome presence gawk at my casual choice of lingo to describe him. I won’t go into all of our times together, but let’s just say he’s one I call on consistently. Metatron is known to be the tallest angel in heaven. He is really good to call on for help with record keeping, writing, contracts, budgets and the like. Some believe he was the prophet Enoch and is the record keeper of heaven.

The day I was budgeting and releasing financial worry I knew Metatron was with me. Not only does he seem to hold me accountable, no pun intended, but he also assists me in releasing self blame and self sabatosh. Everytime I work with him, I’m guided to do something such as review my finances for instance, he gently guides me to reward myself after the process, by reminding me of that gift certificate etc that was stashed in the clutter we just cleared together!


Calling on Archangel Uriel:

Uriel is associated with the bright divine white light of God. He is an idea guy. Uriel will plop enlightened ideas into your mind, encouraging you that you’re truly guided.

During my time with Uriel, I pulled a card and it read “Brilliant Idea!” It was the ArchAngel Uriel on the card. Uriel was encouraging me to keep going with a question I’d had about whether or not I made the right decision investing in business classes.

The neat thing about hosting the angels is, for five days they will assist in ways that will help for days and years to come.

Angels are always available to help. All you have to do is ask!

Love, light and angel blessings!


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