A Morning Routine You Will Actually Enjoy, By Tiffany Hudgins

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This one goes out to all my night owls, and the “not-a-morning-person”, person, as well the morning people! How diplomatic of me right? I am an enneagram 9 peacemaker, after all…but that’s a different story entirely. I digress. Check out our latest video below on our very authentic morning routine.

Latest video blog: Morning Routine, by Tiffany with SpotOnSpirit

I have learned over the years that the nicest thing I can do is to just say to myself, “Good Morning Darling, I love you; we’re going to have a really great day today.” – Louise Hay

The way we start our day is often the way our day flows.

You see, when we’re kids we often jump out of bed excited to begin each day…then somewhere down the line we succumb to the pressures of life, and all the demands that come with it, and as a result lie their frozen under the covers hitting snooze (myself, guilty of this) ahem, enneagram 9 anyone else? Or, we’ve conditioned ourselves to rise early, hustle, and get that worm at the expense of our balance, health and spiritual connection. Do you remember a time you woke up without a to do list, excited to greet the day? Without a sense of frazzle under the surface of your arms and a racing heart to be on time or get stuff done or measure up to your own or other’s expectations? I do!

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I was around 6 years old and would start first grade soon. I woke up in my old creaky wooden bed that belonged to my grandmother and traced the outline of the carvings on the frame with my fingers.

The inspiring thought was, my older sisters would be up, or I could go play in the backyard that my bedroom windows overlooked. Then, I would jump out onto the creaky dark wood floors of our old 1920’s house on Gaston Avenue in Dallas, Texas. To this day, when I think of my happy place, it’s usually that home. In our family we lovingly referred to as “The Gaston House.”

In the Summer the deck in the backyard was painted green, and in the winter it was painted red. I could play on it for hours singing and performing to an imaginary audience in the grass at my concert. It was a serious Madonna phase.

photo of girl in orange dungaree holding sunflower
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One of the most exciting morning decisions would be opening my closet to see a pair of white, black or red converse sneakers to choose from. Or, if I was lucky it would be raining and I could wear my rain boots with lining that had cherries on them.

person wearing pink knee high rain boots standing on brown floor
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I grew up with my older sister who raised me. Each morning she would run errands. If I woke up early enough I could catch her before she left the house, and go with her. I would fling myself around the banister and face my next fun decision, to take the dark wood stairs down to the foyer, or the back staircase covered in blue berber carpet down to the kitchen. I would usually choose the back staircase where I could flip up on the landing 3 stairs up from the kitchen floor, and do a headstand until all the blood rushed to my head, and then flip back over. I was very confident in my handstand skills and also very proud to show them off to my family. If my sister was in the kitchen, this usually meant I made it in time, and she would say, “Go get dressed!”

mother and daughter in the garden
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Next, it was off to the bank where they gave us candy, followed by boutique shopping where I would smell soaps and test peach smelling hand lotions while talking to the store ladies, head to the dry cleaners where I would wait in the car listening to Madonna of course, and lastly and most definitely the reason I would be racing to join, eating breakfast, or lunch…basically brunch before it was cool…somewhere in Dallas at North Park Mall. Some place like La Madeline, a French bakery where they gave the most delicious creamy tomato soup with cold bread and butter to dip it in, quiche, or chocolate croissants. North Park was my playground. I would climb the iconic planter and slide down it, throw pennies inside the Dillard’s fountain and wish for a McDonalds chicken nuggets happy meal with honey to dip them in, which you can image my surprise when my wish came true one day! I would watch the 12 days of Christmas and wait for Scrouge to pop out of his house during the holidays. The sound of the fountain, children playing, plates clinking from indoor “sidewalk” cafes echoing against the dark floor, sculptures, marble and cement, in addition to live piano music is all lodged in the memory banks of what makes my most treasured moments looking back on my childhood and my favorite morning routines.

bacon rosemart
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Somedays, we would go to Highland Park Cafeteria. We would usually be the first people there because my sister ate lunch so early. If we weren’t the first people there, we would wait in line, me mainly eyeing the jello and studying the presidents that lined the wall.

homemade doughnuts on the plate
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Then one day, my sister and I were in the car on a rainy early morning, listening to peaceful classical music and we stopped at the doughnut shop. She seamed to steer the wheel and turn the car in sync to the calming music. I felt so content and happy. After satisfyingly completing my breakfast, she drove past our home and in a different direction. I wondered where we were going when she told me I was going to school.

lights water blur rain
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For the first time in my young life, I felt like I couldn’t steer the course of my morning, and I didn’t want to go. I wanted to ride around in the passenger seat of Dallas in the rain.

apple tree
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I arrived at my first day of first grade at Lipscomb Elementary. I was the first student in the classroom. My teacher, Mrs. Bell, was sitting at her desk quietly with sandy blonde hair in a bun writing and concentrating. I can’t recall who instructed me to take off my boots and take a seat. I remember staring at her, wondering if she was nice like Mrs. Potts, my kindergarten teacher down the hall. For the record, she was very nice, but that first day, she did not look up. I studied her, wondering if she saw me at all. I remember staring at my rain boots with the cherry linings from my desk. There was a sad feeling in my heart, and it didn’t quiet go away every morning after that without some effort. This coupled with some traumatic childhood morning memories that for privacy’s sake, I will not mention, but that I’m sure many could relate to.

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If you are ever wanting a sarcastic coffee meme, I am your girl. If you want someone to call at night who is still up, I’m also your girl. So I get it, if you are not a morning person…and honestly, I get it if you are too. I used to be a morning lover, and somewhere inside me, I still love mornings, I love mornings so much that what I really don’t like is not the morning itself, but the morning being taken from me.

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This is why it’s vital for me to start the day with a positive mentality and free time and energy, but most of all self-love and compassion and a heart full of forgiveness for myself and others. It’s through loving ourselves, that we grow. It’s through taking a compassionate nonjudgmental inventory and getting help when we need it that we heal. There are days that hit me harder than others, but I have the tools to get myself back on track.

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That’s why I am inspired and intuitively led to share them with you in my morning routine video blog. If I can come around to the idea of liking…even so far as loving my morning, I want to pass that on. I am gentle with myself and am recovering my sense of appreciation for mornings because, it is my life, and my morning, and I can choose love over fear every second of every day.

Brightest Blessings of beautiful mornings to come!




Resources for a kick ass morning routine: (totally uninhibitedly not-sponsored!)

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Brad Yates: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbUho…

Nick Ortner: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-4c-…

Jessica Ortner: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7X4FI…

“RPM” means rise, pee, meditate and is coined by David Ji, check his meditations out at https://davidji.com

Gabby Bernstein, one of my all time favs I have to credit for so much of my spiritual practice, and routines…her affirmations I posted to my mirror are from her latest book Super Attractor. I also use her spirit junkie alarm clock app you can find in the App Store and many of her meditations. https://gabbybernstein.com

(if you go to http://www.spotonspirit.com and sign up for my newsletter I will send you a free guided meditation by yours truly!~ me Tiffany

Where would I be without my 5 Minute Journal? Honestly it’s helped me so much to have a consistent gratitude practice. You can find the App, or order it in book form on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/0991846206?…

The four list to do list method is a way to keep from overwhelm and stick to balance. By checking one achievable task off at a time, and not going to the next until you’ve completed the task prior, you can stay focused and in the long run, get more done! If you don’t get to all four, lovingly acknowledge what you did accomplish and add it to the next day! This idea was adapted by Dr. Mike Dow’s method. https://drmikedow.com/books/

Another tip to weed out a fearful anxiety ridden to do list is to meditate BEFORE your to do list. I also like to balance my list with 1 thing I will do that will be just for me, like something fun or joyful, or restful to stay in balance.

Enjoy beautiful friends! Grateful for you every day.


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