We Are Being Called.

IMG_4327Hello Beloved Friend,

How is your Spirit?

My heart is  reaching out to you at this time, during a radical movement for social justice, in an attempt to share with my community my intention to uplift, protect, and amplify the voices of Black and Indigenous People of Color, speak out against racism and inequality, as well as inspire and motivate others towards intuitively, aligned-right action.   IMG_3557

In the midst of a global pandemic, we’re faced with a paradigm shift from fear to love. We’re called to re-examine our motives, our identity, and our behavior, and everything unaligned with our highest truth, compassion, empathy and intentions must go. We’re literally being called to go within. Within our homes, and within our hearts. 

We’re being called to look within.


After the tragic murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Abrey, Breonna Taylor, Elijah McClain, and too many more to count who have suffered and paid with their lives at the hands of injustice, an awakening has finally occurred.

When I first started therapy in my early 20’s, I was struggling with repeating old patterns that no longer served me. I recall sitting across from my therapist and defensively repeating, “I feel really, really bad.” She then shook me awake with the most empowering response that would change the course of my life, “I don’t want you to feel bad. I want you to change.” After that, I could sit with my uncomfortable shame, take responsibility and change for the better through a compassionate, nonjudgmental self inventory. I can do better. We can do better.

As I examine my truth, and background and all of my uncomfortable feelings, from being born into a white privileged ancestral line, racist society, and educated in U.S. school systems, I’m seeing how as a white woman, I am being called to understand and use my privilege for the highest good of all, and it’s not enough to be passive. It is a lot to digest with my intellectual mind, and what my intuition is showing me is, this is a heart issue. My mind doesn’t know. My heart does. It always does. As does yours. I trust the movement. It’s not an issue of opinion or politics either. This is an issue of humanity.


We’re being called to step up, and speak out courageously in the face of brutality, and old patriarchal systems that are toxic and destructive to humanity. As white people we’re first being called to listen, and raise awareness and share the voices of the BIPOC community. Our Black friends know this, as they’ve endured racism their entire lives and their ancestors have for hundreds of years. 

We have to take gentle loving care of our precious selves, our mental health, and add sacred activism to our practices as awakened and aligned individuals if we haven’t already.

We’re being called to listen. To listen deeply and intently to the BIPOC community, and share and amplify their voices.

We’re being called to check on our Black friends, and ask and listen to what they really need and then show up for them.

We’re being called to use our platforms. Our circles, however big or small.

We’re being called to educate ourselves, and take right action.

We’re being called to check ourselves, and be OK with being wrong and OK with being corrected, and being disliked. This is a life’s work, not perfection.

We’re being called to rest, (not to stop) to ground, to center and go within for answers and take action from that space, the space of love not fear.

We’re being called to have uncomfortable conversations within our families, friend circles, and at work about racism, injustice and inequality.

Some are being called to protest, some are inspired to actively engage in protests, others are signing petitions, voting, and getting involved in organizations and donating.

We’re being called to give our Black and Indigenous People of Color in our community rest and refuge in whatever way we can. By spending time deep listening, what I’ve heard from my black friends and others I’ve been inspired by, over and over is “I am tired.” I also heard, “I want to live.” By live, that means thrive. That means uninhibited Black joy. That means live with the same desires fulfilled that I want for myself. That means to be granted compassion and fairness.

We’re being called to support Black businesses, musicians, artists, restaurants, jewelry, clothing, and on and on, recognizing and following social media accounts and by sharing their messages and buying, donating to, or supporting their services. IMG_3140

We are being called Loves.

There’s a good chance, if you’re reading this you are a self aware individual, and are inspired by your intuition and heart already. With that, I’d like to offer you some refuge as well as inspiration to take action.

With so much information overload and opinions, I have dropped into my heart, and followed what resonates from that space. Here are some resources that have helped me, along with voices I am guided to share with you at this time:

Resources to educate yourself and get involved:

1. https://www.tolerance.org is an incredible resource. Each week I’ve dedicated time set aside when I’m grounded, and in a good mental space to sit down and read articles from this site. 

2. https://change.org is amazing and offers ways to get involved such as petitions and the latest news and updates on fighting for equality and justice. 

3. https://jeffcolibrary.org Check your local library! I’m not sure if your library is as cool as mine here in Jefferson County Colorado, but I love my library. They recently released an email supporting our community titled A Conversation About Race. I was blown away with all of the recommended resources they provided. There is so much to check out online, from audio-books, documentaries, and staff picks suggesting educational and informative material in support of our Black community as well as LGBTQ+ history, staff reads, rainbow craft activities, and information and resources for mental health!

Resources for your Mind, Body, Spirit:

After a lot of listening, I was guided to these beautiful people and am now inspired to share them with you. 

Susan with Blended Insight creates the most beautiful energy healing videos on youtube! Even as a reiki practitioner myself, I’ve benefited from these almost daily to keep my own energy balanced and in check.


Blessing Manifesting is an incredible and inspiringly, creative resource for mental health.



Chantel Lysette is an angel channel, author and psychic medium. I found her years ago after reading Azrael Loves Chocolate, Michaels a Jock: An Insider’s Guide to What Your Angels Are Really Like. Recently upon waking up I clairaudiently heard her name followed by “Azrael Loves Chocolate” and realized I have to find her again on social media! Of course that led to a follow on Instagram, and reading up on her latest work on her website:


India Arie has always been one of my favorite musicians, and most recently I’m loving her podcast SongVersations as well as her well timed short film “Welcome Home (Crazy/Sacred Space) Which blew me out of the water with how unbelievably moving and beautiful it is to watch and hear. 


Iylana Vanzant is one wise, eloquent and divinely gifted lady, #1 New York Times Best Selling Author, and Spiritual Life Coach. I’ve learned so much from listening to her over the years and reading her book. She recently spoke on the Hay House Podcast, which I adore! After listening, I found out she also has a line of products called Master Piece Body Therapy that not only cleans your body but your energy!!! I immediately bought the body wash, body scrub, room spray, and body butter. It is an amazing line and I will be buying my bath and shower products from her from here on out! 


Rha Goddess another inspiringly wise spiritual guide has recently released her new 

book, The Calling, which is on it’s way to my hands right now! I will keep you posted, but something tells me I’m going to love it!



I am continuing to offer psychic and mediumship readings virtually at this time. Please feel free to check out my services under the Services tab, or to schedule a session with me. IMG_3082

As always, I love hearing from you, and would love to know how you’re being called at this time, and what your heart and spirit are saying and needing most. I am here as support, and as a guide for your mind body spirit resources, at spotonspirit. 

With Love,





2 thoughts on “We Are Being Called.”

  1. Aug 28, Friday, 2020

    Hello Sweet Tiffany:

    I was thinking of you, and wanted to send some friendly Love, Peace, spiritual prayer and Beautiful White positive light you’re way.
    Hope this hello finds you well , healthy and you’re finding that ribbon of happiness as it floats thru these craziness and unpredictable times.

    That you for sharing you heart felt insightfullness in your news letter.
    From my spiritual belief, God’s blessing be upon you and your boy friend from my heavenly angel, my mama and myself.
    Be Well and may we always have the white positive light around us empaths to protect us.

    Have a blessed day
    Paull Casas


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