*I offer readings: Psychic and or Mediumship readings at $50 USD/30 minutes, or $90 USD/60 minutes in person and at a distance. I do not accept checks. Either cash, or via Square, or PayPal. You will receive a recording after the finish of the reading to keep and reflect back on. Typically I space recurring readings with the same client out at 6 months. The reason for doing this is so that the information  and messages given can in fact take course and as to not be unnecessarily repeated, and the second is to assist the client in building their own intuition.

*I offer reiki sessions: In person and at a distance at $50/30 minutes, or $90/60 minutes. I accept either cash, or via PayPal or Square. The amount of times you can receive reiki unlike readings is unlimited! Schedule as often as you like!

If you are interested scheduling a reading, or reiki you can do so by emailing me at, or by scrolling to the bottom of the page and filling out the form. I will personally email you back as soon as possible to schedule a time, and receive payment prior to the reading or reiki session. If you are interested in learning more about what to expect during a reading and or reiki, please read the following. If you do not see an answer to your question here, please feel free to email me and I will try to get back to you as soon as I have time and good energy to give your question the answer it deserves!

What can I expect during a psychic and or mediumship reading?

I use my intuition to tap into spirit and deliver messages in hopes to guide you in your life and deliver messages that are in your highest good. Often times departed loved ones, angels, and spirit guides come through to deliver these messages to you. I use a varied physical platform for intuiting these messages including, but not limited to oracle cards, and automatic writing. It’s good to focus your energy on what you would like to cover during your reading prior to the meeting. This allows your guidance to show up. I suggest remaining open.

For example, I’ve sat down on the other end to receive a reading with the clear intention to gain clarity and guidance about my career, and a woman gave me an entire reading on my love life that later turned out to be 100% accurate! I didn’t know why this was so strong in my vibration, because it was on the horizon of happening and the reading completely prepared me. (Note: I think every good psychic needs a good psychic! I love receiving readings from others as well!)

During mediumship readings I am able to connect with departed loved ones as well as spirit guides, and angels that have been with you part of or all of your life. It can be an incredibly healing, moving experience. I like to set the expectation for people that although I want to connect you with who you want to reach, sometimes it will be another spirit that is meant to come through at that time for your highest good. It’s like if you were to invite people over for dinner, and because of free will not everyone will show up!

Do you have to use oracle cards, or write during a reading?

No! As much as I love and adore using cards and doing automatic writing, the cards are more for the client to have something to look at! There are many ways spirit uses to connect and deliver messages to the client, but I resonate with oracle cards and automatic writing. I can also do a reading without them. Depending on the client, sometimes I’m guided to use a certain deck, notebook, or no cards at all. I’m able to tune into spirit and deliver the messages without them.

How do you receive the messages you’re getting?

I am primarily (Clairvoyant, Clairsentient and Clairaudient.) This means I mainly get messages from spirit through my psychic senses in visions, pictures in my mind, as well as feelings through emotions or physical sensations in my body, and through my inner and outer hearing. For example: I may hear the words “health savings account.” Then see a green light. This is a message for the client to proceed with a health savings account. This actually happened in a reading, and the specific nature that spirit chose blew my client away. She was literally considering a health savings account in order to proceed with a health program she was recently guided to. Over time, my vocabulary with spirit has built itself. I am given messages through my frame of reference and the messages come through in a way my client an relate to as well.

How do you know it’s not your opinion, beliefs or judgments when relaying messages or doing reiki?

Although spirit will use my personal experiences and frame of reference to relay messages, I set the intention, and pray before every reading and reiki session to set aside my ego and, I ask my higher self to take over and for spirit to use me as a vessel to relay messages and provide healing that is in the highest good and of the highest good of all and the client. I know when I set this intention and say this prayer I am in a good place to set aside my stuff and give the messages that need to come through for the clients best interest as well as be a conduit for reiki to flow to the client. I’ve done and continue to do a lot of personal inner work on myself through therapy, self growth, and meditation in order to be a clear clean non-projecting conduit for spirit. I pray to keep my mind and heart open. I am no angel, so you will get glimpses of my dazzling sarcastic wit and personality still, that I cannot say will ever go away. 😉 I also prepare myself mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally prior and after every reading and reiki session.

How do you protect the space to ensure what is coming through is benevolent?

First off, Hollywood depicts psychics and mediums as woo woo weird or scary. We get a bad wrap! The thing is, what you focus on you create. Also, low level entities/energies and bad vibes are just that…lower level…they need energy and attention to feed off of. We are incredibly powerful and strong in our energy as physical bodies on this earth plane and our space is our space. Just like if a person walked into your house you didn’t know, you would say “Hey! Get out of here! This is my space! You weren’t invited in!”

If I set the intention to only connect with high level guides from the divine white light and for god to speak through me (again god meaning love, source, universe, then my vibration is at an all time high for attracting high vibe readings. I only allow communication from the white light. Meaning, souls that are not stuck and have crossed over to the other side.

I usually set this intention by space clearing the area with sage before the client arrives, and prayer. I invoke a benevolent presence of protection throughout the entire reading. Sometimes, if I’m feeling guided I will say the prayer aloud with my client for additional comfort and protection prior to the reading.

As for crazy, assuming you mean the outdated word for mental illness, there’s a difference between psychically hearing, and seeing etc. at a high vibration versus mental illness associated hallucinating and hearing voices. Also, now a days, many people diagnosed with mental illness are highly functional adults who have learned to work with their illness and have received help, and are doing away with defining themselves by their conditions…that is another topic all together. I will say, when voices are suggesting harm to the self or others and are based in confusing or fearful energy, they are vibrating at a fearful low level. Sometimes that can be from someone’s subconscious thoughts, or fearful low level energies they are attracting.

I have helped lost or stuck souls cross over to the light, but it is not my niche so to speak. I would be happy to refer you to someone who works in that department within the psychic community!

All of that being said, I am quite sane. The ego, our conditioned nature tells us to live in fear. That is insane. That is illusion. Our natural state of love is our intuitive nature. That is sanity. I have been on both sides of fear, and love and experienced how fear can be detrimental, keeping me stuck in fearful unconscious patterns and I have seen how healing, conscious, love is. We have a natural guidance system beyond our basic senses of smell, touch, taste, sight, and hearing that guides our path. It’s time we stop saying it’s crazy, or weird, or wild. It just is.

Let’s talk about religion, what do you have to say about that?

Although I may not share everyone’s religion, I have oodles of respect for devotion to Spirit. For me, Spirit is everywhere regardless of what you or I believe. I felt Spirit when I was 14 years old and the elders of the Mormon church did the laying of hands on my head and shoulders to induct me as a member. (Yeah that was a family phase, please stop sending me letters btw!) I felt it in the Methodist church singing during youth group, in a temple at bible camp, on the couch in the summer when I was 19 trying to decipher scriptures from the Bible, and memorize them. I felt it on top of the vortex in  Sedona, Arizona after a glorious hike staring at the bounty of nature while the old hippie man played the flute in the canyon. I felt it when I was broke as a joke meditating on my living room floor with tears down to my belly button in my crappy studio apartment when I was 25 with chills all over my body knowing I’m deeply and profoundly surrounded by love. My point is, call it Holy Spirit, call it Spirit, call it Love, call it Jesus, call it Buddha, call it Source, I’ve felt it in places more than one. I know it is of goodness because it is good itself. I know it is benevolent because it is the voice of love. So whatever your religion, religious or not, love/source/spirit/god/universe is our common denominator.  This oneness is the place I go to to tap into the messages and healing energy I receive to give to you.

What do you tell skeptics that don’t believe in this at all? 

Like I said, I’m not going to resonate with everyone. I believe when someone is ready for a reading or reiki session they will get one, and when they value it enough, they will pay for it. I am not in the business of proving it exists, or evangelizing, but I am in the business of being a conduit for delivering spirit’s messages and healing energy. In doing so, I have been evidential to the point of quieting skepticism. Every one of us is a bit skeptical, and a healthy dose of discernment is a good thing. I respect that. I was very much skeptical before a serious of my own spiritual experience “convinced” me that more existed beyond this life, and beyond the human mind. I would say to a skeptic, have an open mind, and an open heart. Like a scientist collecting data, don’t form your theory yet. My brother told me once, “Once you define God, you limit God.” I believe that. Being open, and willing will provide an energetic opening for spirit to reach you far easier than if you remain closed.

Is it OK to be drunk or high during a reading or reiki session?

Seriously. It’s a thing. People are having a good time, and want a psychic, I get it. The thing is, to really connect with you it is easier when your faculties are clear.

I refrain from drinking and smoking to keep my vessel clear for messages, and reiki and the clearer you are the more spirit can reach you so to speak. That being said, I have done a number of reiki sessions on hungover peeps!

I’ve also been known to be “that person” in a bar giving psychic readings before I stopped drinking on the regular. It is possible, but for the best possible reading or session I recommend staying sober for it!

What is reiki anyway?

Everyone has reiki – rei: universe, god, source, love, fill-in-the-comfortable-blank, and, ki: energy. It’s just overtime on this physical plane called ahem EARTH SCHOOL our vessels have gotten a bit clogged. During reiki training, a reiki master level teacher will attune the student to reiki by using reiki and reiki symbols through a process called an “attunement.” The channel to receive reiki becomes more clear, less clogged, and awakens the students healing abilities. During level 1 reiki, the student learns to perform reiki on themselves and others, during level 2 they learn to send reiki at a distance and to situations i.e. work, someone in the hospital, world events etc. During reiki 3, the reiki student is inducted as a reiki master and or teacher. They are then attuned to teach reiki, and perform attunements on others.

What can I expect during a session of in person reiki?

I am able to travel to you in person if you are in the Denver area with my reiki table, or you can travel to me. I ask that if I travel to you, a space is provided for room for reiki table in an undisturbed and quiet atmosphere for the allotted time of your session. The in-person experience is like a retreat at a spiritual spa for your soul. Many say it is extremely relaxing and often clients fall asleep on my reiki table. I use crystals as well as aromatherapy with essential oils, but not always depending on the client. I am guided to gently touch areas of your body during reiki, but this is not necessary if you are uncomfortable. Reiki can be performed without even touching the client, but by hovering above their body and chakras where the healing needs to take place. I recommend wearing comfortable clothing.

What can I expect during an at a distance reiki session?

At a distance reiki includes a pre-reiki meditation I will guide you through, while you listen, I simultaneously will be performing distance reiki on a proxy. A proxy is an item that is posing as your body to transmit the reiki from me to you. Just like an in person appointment, we will set up a time and space to meet undisturbed via Zoom, Skype, FaceTime or on a phone call. I prefer Skype for better connection. As you set aside time for the meditation, you will also receive the reiki from me while I am performing reiki on the proxy. My proxy happens to be a hip rainbow lion named Rasta that I specifically bought to use as a proxy during my Reiki II training! He is infused with all kinds of good vibes and reiki energy. After you complete the meditation and I finish the reiki on Rasta/you, we will discuss anything spirit would like to convey to wrap up the session.

Just like a massage for the physical body, it is recommended that you drink plenty of water after your session, as reiki can bring up a lot to the surface that needs healing and detoxing with the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies.

*I also offer combinations service packages that include: psychic and or mediumship readings with reiki session. Typically when I combine a reiki session with reading I recommend a full hour of reiki, and 30 minutes for the reading after priced at $120.

More about me/about services in-depth:

I think it’s important to accept our humanness, but let me set aside my ego for a minute, and turn it over to my inner guidance system. AKA my intuition. Let me be real with you, this isn’t about me. I am a vessel for spirit. Spirit is the benevolent force for good that holds it all together…spirit is love, god, universe, source…it doesn’t matter what word you use or language you speak, or what religion you are…spirit is truth. I’m a messenger for what spirit wants me to talk about. The same goes for my readings and reiki sessions…do I love doing them? Yes! Is it the coolest thing ever in the midst of the great new age movement of awakening of modern day rise in divine feminine consciousness to be a psychic healer, oracle, priestess? Hell yeah. I love crystals, sage, meditation, green juice, good vibes, and yoga…but it’s not even about all dat! It helps, sure…but I’m talking past the trends, to the heart of what yoga, holistic health, energy cleansing, enlightening sojourns and sea salt baths are really about.

I am going to go ahead and say it, it’s about LOVE. It’s literally the fact that through my awe inspiring moments from fear to love on this journey, before holistic was cool again since the rise of spiritualism in the late 1800s, and I was a spiritual woo-woo in the closet because it.was.weird.evil.crazy.intimidating.a phase.sacrilege…I have become a humble servant of spirit to deliver these messages to whomever needs them most. By aligning my will with the intention of the greatest good. It is through me, and my experiences, that spirit delivers to you.

What more you can expect:

I am not right 100% of the time. I am human too. I do not know what numbers will win you the lottery, or the deep weird thoughts you have – all the time. 😉 Don’t worry, my integrity will not allow me to psychically spy on you for selfish gain! I deliver whatever spirit comes through to deliver and is in your highest good. Why? Because I set the intention with spirit to set my small self aside and do so. This being said, I have had many readings and reiki sessions that proved to be tangibly evidential, and my intention is to deliver accurate messages from spirit that is aligned with your highest good to bring clarity and healing.

I don’t always tell you what you want to hear. I tell you what spirit wants you to hear, and deep down it’s in your highest good. Isn’t that what we really want?

Someone may resonate with my voice, and others won’t and that’s OK! I’m not for everyone. If you do resonate, hey you’re my people!

So when I start speaking about myself, and how awesome my abilities are, it makes me laugh. The truth is…shhh….everyone is psychic. It’s just like a muscle, you have to develop it. Everyone has reiki – rei: universe, god, source, love, fill-in-the-comfortable-blank, and, ki: energy. It’s just overtime on this physical plane called ahem EARTH SCHOOL our vessels have gotten a bit clogged. We detoured into fear and forgot love is our nature. Intuition is a built in guidance system, the loving small voice, and the body can heal itself. It takes practice to develop these abilities, and mostly healing of our own is what will in turn heal.thy.planet. Don’t ask. Spirit gets me all kinds of goofy.

So why listen to me? Why read what I have to say in this blog? Why trust my readings, and my reiki sessions? Why watch my videos? 

Because it isn’t even about me. It’s about spirit…plug…So my awesomeness if I were to take credit would be in the willingness to set aside my judgement, opinions, beliefs, and deliver the message spirit wants to. Why do I do that? Because, through my own tangible experiences with spirit, I’ve developed a love relationship with it and I trust. I’m able to set aside my ego and be a vessel after years of practice. Seriously, at one point spirit was my boyfriend. My ego is super cool, my real life boyfriend now tells me all the time how cool I am. 😉 In all seriousness though, I’m able to set aside my ego and be a vessel for spirit after years of practice.

I’ve had some really amazing, and aligned/high vibe teachers and mentors and continue to learn, grow, and evolve.

I haven’t always been this cool though. I was caught up in fear, anger, sadness, and I went through a lot of lessons, hardship and grief. I lost both of my parents, I’ve had a shit ton of therapy, I didn’t have the easiest childhood. That all in turn made me appreciate the life I’m living today. So if I’ve earned your respect by my life cred that’s cool, but the truth is, you don’t have to struggle. Everything you ever wanted is on the other side of fear. I’m just a gal who happens to be a psychic, medium, reiki master, in hopes to guide you there.

What if the messages don’t resonate with me during the reading?

That’s totally OK. Sometimes I will say something in a reading that makes no sense at the time, but I will tell clients to metaphorically stick it in their back pocket for later, and it will make itself known. In time, it will reveal itself. The same goes for reiki, sometimes reiki will continue to do it’s thing after the session has ended. Other times, I may just not be connecting with you or vice versa. Just like you don’t jive with everyone as your bff I may not be the one for you! It’s cool. I have a list of psychic friends, therapists, and resources that I can refer you to if I’m just not in the cards for you. Sometimes I will flat out tell you, I can’t help you. I will try to refer you to a resource or professional that can.

If I have my own inner guidance system, why schedule a reading or reiki? As I mentioned, I have spent years honing my craft as an intuitive, and I do my best to live an intuitively led life. Through my own experience, I’ve built my psychic muscles over time. I’ve learned a lot along the way and studied under some amazing mentors of my own. Not to mention my take on past life cred! All of us, no matter how self-sufficient need some guidance and direction sometimes, even psychics! When we place all of our strength on our own power, we miss out on a higher power that is available. What is so neat is, your intuition will lead you to mentors, teachers, and practitioners that can assist you on your path and vice versa! Isn’t it cool to think we are everyday angels with our god-given strengths? I believe we never stop growing, or learning. If anyone says they’ve arrived as a psychic or teacher mentor etc. here’s some free intuitive advice: run like hell!

Why do you charge for readings?

Just like any vocation it requires energy to do the work I do. There’s value in what I do because I’ve honed my crafts. I use time, and energy. Energy needs to be balanced, in some fashion so think of it as an energy exchange money for readings.  I set my prices reasonably. If you can’t afford them, that’s ok save up!

I offer free videos, and content on here, and all other social media sites, and from time to time do free readings and card pulls. I do suggest if you want to go deeper, set up a full on one on one reading or reiki session!

Most importantly, you have an awesome inner guidance system to rely on so trust your intuition. Through these readings I set the intention to bring you closer to your own inner guidance system. I may peeve other psychics, coaches, and the like when saying this, but regardless of what I say or offer, or anyone for that matter, when it comes down to it, you really do know the answers and have a built in guide called your intuition – everyone does. It’s good to ask for help, and it’s also good to take what serves you and leave the rest when coming to your ultimate conclusions for your path, healing and your life. Your higher self is usually the one contacting me for a reading ~ If you are meant to have one, when the time is right, you will.