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Welcome to my blog: http://www.spotonspirit.life! I am so honored your spirit led you here. Welcome home. This is your spot for spirit. Including, but not limited to psychic development, psychic abilities, spirituality, healing, energy work, reiki and the like. Oh my! It’s like an online Sedona, Arizona, sans heat. In this sacred space in the ethers of the internet my spirit and your spirit are totally connected. How cool is that? That’s what I like to call “the oneness.” This is the place where I can go deeper, and share with you my journey, and experiences that have honed my psychic, mediumship, and healing abilities, with inspiringly intuitive led content, in hopes to uplift your spirit, and facilitate your own healing journey. So let’s remove our masks and connect spirit-to-spirit.

A little about me; I am a Psychic, Reiki Master, and Medium in the Denver area. Metaphysics is my passion.

When I was little, I was very aware of my sensitive nature, and over time, as most children learn to do, I suppressed my intuitive abilities until I was 21, and my father passed away of suicide. In 2005, a voice woke me up in the middle of the night (my deceased father) that led me to googling my dad’s name, finding his obituary and learning of his death, I had “a gut feeling he passed away” 2 weeks earlier, when he died.
As a psychic, my first mentor was my mother. She would read playing cards at the kitchen table, and talk to spirits as if they were right beside her. I didn’t grow up with either of my parents who divorced when I was two, but kept in contact with both, and as an adult lived in the same city as my mother at the time of my father’s passing. She was the only one I knew at the time into psychic stuff!
I had only recently become acquainted with her again, but once my dad’s spirit came through, it led me to her door. She would joke that bringing me to her was his way of making amends to her. From there, she helped me navigate and understand my abilities becoming my mentor and best friend.
I knew this path was part of my purpose and much bigger than me when my mother passed of cancer in 2013. My aunt, my mother’s sister, also psychic, was a huge, and still is a guiding light for me into the metaphysical realm.
My mom and aunt would hold spirit circles in my mom’s living room. We’d stay up all night sitting at mom’s kitchen table, or on the phone tuning into what we picked up on the other side. I would do readings for anyone who would let me! I started seeing auras, sensing spirits, having psychic dreams, and synchronicities and psychic messages increased.
Once I knew of these abilities I became immersed in psychic studies. I would attend a local psychic meetup every week. I read everything I could get my hands on about the subject leading me down a path of my own healing journey of introspection, therapy, meditation and deep soul work.
I would later graduate from The Aspen Program for Psychic Development holding certificates in Psychic Studies, and Spirit Mediumship in 2014. I would go on to study Reiki and obtain certificates in Reiki I, II, and III, giving readings and Reiki sessions. Now, what brings me joy is by being of service as a vessel for spirit as an intuitive and energy worker. It is my soul’s work, and my calling to be of service to others connecting them to their internal guidance, and empowering their lives by guiding them back to their highest good and intuitive nature. It is an honor, and though I’m not as surprised by it anymore, I’m continuously amazed by what spirit can do!


My intuition and personal journey lead my subjects I write about, or create video content for. There’s no mistake you’ve found this place. Please take what serves you, and leave the rest. Check out my latest blog under the blog tab!

In addition to spiritual topics, and insightful videos, I offer services that include Readings: Psychic, and Mediumship Readings, in person or distance, as well as Reiki, either in person, or at a distance distance.

My mission is to inspire, uplift, connect, and heal.

For more info on prices, or to schedule a reading or reiki session, please email me under the service tab.

You can also find me at my website spotonspirit.com, or @spotonspirit on youtube, periscope, twitter, instagram and facebook. I look forward to serving your spirit!

Love, light, and joy!

~ Tiffany