A Morning Routine You Will Actually Enjoy

Latest video blog: Morning Routine, by Tiffany with SpotOnSpirit

I have learned over the years that the nicest thing I can do is to just say to myself, “Good Morning Darling, I love you; we’re going to have a really great day today.” – Louise Hay

The way we start our day is often the way our day flows.

That’s why I am inspired and intuitively led to share them with you in my morning routine video blog. If I can come around to the idea of liking…even so far as loving my morning, I want to pass that on. I am gentle with myself and am recovering my sense of appreciation for mornings because, it is my life, and my morning, and I can choose love over fear every second of every day.

Brightest Blessings of beautiful mornings to come!

Love, Tiffany

Resources for a peaceful, easy, and joyful  morning routine: (totally uninhibitedly not-sponsored!)

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Brad Yates: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbUho…

Nick Ortner: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-4c-…

Jessica Ortner: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7X4FI…

“RPM” means rise, pee, meditate and is coined by David Ji, check his meditations out at https://davidji.com

Gabby Bernstein, one of my all time favs I have to credit for so much of my spiritual practice, and routines…her affirmations I posted to my mirror are from her latest book Super Attractor. I also use her spirit junkie alarm clock app you can find in the App Store and many of her meditations. https://gabbybernstein.com

(if you go to http://www.spotonspirit.com and sign up for my newsletter I will send you a free guided meditation by yours truly!~ me Tiffany

Where would I be without my 5 Minute Journal? Honestly it’s helped me so much to have a consistent gratitude practice. You can find the App, or order it in book form on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/0991846206?…

The four list to do list method is a way to keep from overwhelm and stick to balance. By checking one achievable task off at a time, and not going to the next until you’ve completed the task prior, you can stay focused and in the long run, get more done! If you don’t get to all four, lovingly acknowledge what you did accomplish and add it to the next day! This idea was adapted by Dr. Mike Dow’s method. https://drmikedow.com/books/

Another tip to weed out a fearful anxiety ridden to do list is to meditate BEFORE your to do list. I also like to balance my list with 1 thing I will do that will be just for me, like something fun or joyful, or restful to stay in balance.

Enjoy beautiful friends! Grateful for you every day.


How to Shield and Clear Your Energy

If you’re an empath like me, you probably know exactly what I mean when I say, you’ve been energetically slimed! You don’t have to know the verbiage to connect with this concept though. We’ve all been on the receiving end of energetic slime. You’re going about your day, feeling great, spreading light and love to everyone in the world and BAM! You encounter someone, have some sort of energetic exchange through conversation or otherwise with them, and suddenly after that encounter you feel zapped, depleted, possibly worried or anxious and reeling about how you said what you said, or did what you did. Sound familiar?

Years back, I was learning how to be an empathetic sponge, and take good care of my own energy. I made a video blog to document what helps me. See vlog below 🙂 Since that time, I still use these tips from this video to this day!

Over time, the best form of defense I’ve found in protecting my energy, is in fact, to be grounded in my own energy. Knowing where you start energetically, and the other person ends is so important. Having, and setting loving, strong boundaries, is an act of self love. Even though others may be disappointed when you can’t fill the void that only their true source can, you can give from a pure place without resentment, and believe me it will be felt.

With all of that being said, it’s also so important to notice when maybe you’re pulling on others energy. How can you serve your spirit by setting clear boundaries, and respecting others?

For more tips on shielding and clearing your energy please enjoy the video below.

Sending you so much love and light and joy!

Cheers to happy, healthy good clean energy!